Good Design: The Ozark Trail 1-Person Backpacking Tent

Has a hip belt to displace the load off your shoulders. I priced other internal frame daypacks before my trip and this was by far the ozark trail backpack cheapest. I took this pack on a 5-day mountain bike ride from Pittsburgh, Pa., to Washington, D.C., and it performed very well.

It’s light enough that I don’t mind putting it in my backpack and it takes up almost no space at all. For day hikes this is just as good as (and lighter than) my Osprey Daylite that retails for almost four times more. The one downside with integrated rain flies is the lack of ventilation and temperature control. We had great weather – not too hot and not too cold – but it did rain for about 5 minutes. My friend chose to not put up his rain fly betting on the perfect weather to continue while enjoying the stars at night. During those five minutes of rain, he was a little more stressed as the risk of a wet sleeping bag had not been completely mitigated and he rushed back to the campground.

This tent was close to foolproof when it came to the rain fly because it was already connected. In the following paragraphs I share just a few design features that, in my opinion, make this a well-designed product. This is the Russian Doll of the bag world, the bag going inside of the bigger bag. It also comes with a removable, drawstring style daypack. However, I have found that bag to be rather small, and instead, keep a collapsible daypack in the bottom of my pack instead.

A backpack is perhaps the most important part of your hiking setup. Once again, it took me a little bit of time hiking before realizing that, but luckily, I have a few different suggestions after using several packs over the years. And, you don’t have to spend a ton to get something that will work for you.

One feature that has become priceless to me is the forward slanted bottle holder. Overall, its a key feature that I couldn’t live without now. I could go on for a while on more details, but you get the idea that it’s well thought out.

ozark trail backpack

I’ve been attempting to drop weight for the past several years, mostly because my knees can’t handle it. My shelters have gotten lighter as have my sleeping system — next in line for a diet was my carry system. Funds, however, were non existent and my CFO (i.e. my wife) wouldn’t increase my discretionary fund. Exploring Missouri’s scenic backcountry is one of the best reasons to head out on the Ozark Trail. The area offers many things to see and experience, including 1.5 billion-year-old mountains, pristine rivers and some of largest freshwater springs in the United States.