26″ Genesis V2100 Mountain Pro Bike Off Road Trail Tires 21-Speed Bicy

Tyre clearance is increase to 38c, there are discrete mudguard and pannier mounts and an extra set of bottle bosses is present on the downtube. With a 2×9 Shimano Sora groupset and mechanical disc brakes, there are notable differences to the higher end Croix de Fer. But these won’t present an impediment to getting out and using the frame for the huge variety of applications it has the capability for. Gravel riding, endurance road riding, cycle-touring, genesis mountain bike commuting, these are all still possible on this bike – it’s just a more accessible platform to get started with. Other bikes might have the specificity to perform better in a single one of these uses, but very few bikes would be able to perform as well as the Croix de Fer in all of them. It is the combination of a vast array of mounts, a robust steel frame and wide tyre clearances that allow this bike to be such a jack of all trades.

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Versatility still pervades the frame, with downtube bottle bosses and mounts for a rear rack and mudguards. Although this bike can take on the commuting duties or a bit of cycle-touring, it is more suited to lively riding in the woods and on bridleways. If you’re not comfortable assembling your bike yourself, consider hiring a professional assembly service like National Assemblers. Their team of certified technicians can help ensure your genesis bike is correctly and safely assembled, ensuring optimal performance and safety. There are, however, a number of points that make this a more versatile bike than the carbon alternative.

Part of this is down to the different frame material, but cheaper components are also a factor. These are the dedicated carbon race bikes, as ridden by the (now disbanded) UCI continental team Madison Genesis. The frame has internally routed cables for better aerodynamics and a wide section down tube for better torsional stiffness.

The correct tyre choice would also help calm the stiff and somewhat unforgiving rear end, it is not as harsh as many aluminium frames but taking the edge off it with some floaty rubber would help ease take some of the sting out of the trail. Check out our electric bike buyer’s guide to learn about the benefits of e-bikes, how to choose the right one for your riding style, and the best maintenance tips and tricks. The Datum comes with 32c tyres, which is a bit closer to the ‘road’ end of the spectrum. But there is clearance for up to 38c, so if the conditions require it, this bike is able to handle the rougher stuff. If you want more control over exactly what components your bikes is built with, both of these are available to buy as just the frameset.

Product PresentationHelping to bring new categories to the market with beautiful and functional designs. Although the two bikes in this section might both be called the ‘Vapour’ with only the epithets ‘Alloy’ and ‘Carbon’ differentiating them, there are actually significant distinctions to be made. If you’re looking for a fun bike that can also do the grunt-work when required, this is the one for you. But if you want a dedicated workhorse, the Croix de Fer or Equilibrium will probably suit you better.

Teams that have scored stage and overall victories in the Grand Tours around the world. Not quite mainstream, yet still hugely popular, genesis mountain bikes are a British brand loved by steel-aficionados and adventurers alike. We’re experiencing a very high volume of orders during the Pre-Holiday Season. Simply browse our products, select your options and then add the items to your cart to complete the checkout process. The Montane Icemen (Pete Sissons and Paul Cosgrove) underlined the bikes capabilities as they used a pair of Croix de Fers to circumnavigate the 1600-mile coastline of Iceland in 14 days. Genesis bikes became renowned for their use of steel tubing and ethos for function over form.

At around 27lbs the Core weighs in somewhere in the middle of the scale that you would expect for a 120mm trail blaster but it feels nippy and easy to spin up to speed thanks to the lightweight rims and fast rolling tyres. The wheelset is lightweight with an internal rim width of 19mm that will take good sized rubber which means you could add some float to the ride with some high volume tyres. The Core 26.4 came fitted with 2.2 Mountain Kings, the originals not the much improved Mountain King II. As with the Day One, there are mudguards, rear pannier rack, and an internally geared rear hub for all weather dependability. Given the versatility of this frame, it is perhaps to be expected that there is a large number of different builds on offer. It is available with flat bars and drop bars, carbon forks and steel forks, there’s even a titanium frame option.

The Venerable Croix de Fer frameset has been a mainstay of the Genesis range since 2009. The frameset is incredible versatile and lends itself to a multitude of different builds. You could put 38c tyres on it and go bike-packing on some gravel, or you could put front and rear pannier racks on, throw in some mudguards, and take it on an around the world tour. This comprehensive article dives deep into the fascinating world of Genesis bikes, providing a detailed look at their standout features and how they set the standard in the biking industry.

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