Mongoose 20 in Grid XS BMX Bicycle, 1 Speed, Green at Tractor Supply Co.

We have spent decades gathering information from many, many sources, including our friends at,,, and We don’t claim to have all first hand knowledge, we just wanted to condense all the information out there into one place for all of us to enjoy. In fact, most of the product descriptions are taken from BMX Products Inc. catalogs and are available to download in the catalog section on this site. So if you see something that just doesn’t seem right please email us, and we’ll do our best to clarify the inaccuracy.

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The single speed drivetrain is easy to use and maintain, while the DiaCompe MX brake kit delivers super-fast, reliable stopping power. Plus, the unique Mongoose Pro Class drilled aluminum rims offer performance that won’t weigh you down. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a ride on the legendary California Special by Mongoose.

We’re talking Taiwanese production here, but how much different, really would these scenarios be for a frame made in, let’s say, Mexico ( Kastan and others), or even better,  the US (Bill Bastian / FMF) for example? Would you say that anyone with a major monkey on his back  (let’s just say, for instance a raging Cocaine addiction) would be able to do his very best work over and over consistently? Suffice to say, quality goods can and are produced in ways and places that would surprise us. A few posts up there is a link to the new Mongoose bikes that are supposed to be as good as anyone else’s and are not walgoose editions. I did some digging on another site and found that by 1983 Mongoose frames were being built in Taiwan. I dunno, I have a 2012 Mongoose Solution 24 as my race bike.

Having absorbed the extent of Mongoose history, it is evidently clear that the brand is deeply intertwined with BMX, not surprising given that the two have been in partnership since 1975. So in remembering all the things that BMX and Mongoose have been through, when everyone mongoose excursion stops to stare at your slick, shiny steed, never forget that you’re on a bike made by the leader of the pack. Mongoose now has a number of decades to the history of the brand, with BMX now moving towards the 21st century and entering a new era, literally and figuratively.

The single speed drivetrain keeps riding simple, while the rear linear pull brake provides reliable stopping power. Plus, this race-ready ride comes with a USA BMX track sanctioned number plate. Leave the competition in the dust with the MXOne BMX race bike by Mongoose. Modeled after the iconic 1984 Supergoose, this BMX bike is sure to turn heads around the neighborhood or at the track. Just like it’s predecessor, it features a durable 4130 Chromoly Supergoose loop-tail frame with retro-style top tube pad for ultimate radness. The single speed drivetrain is simple to use and maintain, while the DiaCompe MX brake kit delivers super-fast, reliable stopping power.