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Versatility still pervades the frame, with downtube bottle bosses and mounts for a rear rack and mudguards. Although this bike can take on the commuting duties or a bit of cycle-touring, it is more suited to lively riding in the woods and on bridleways. If you’re not comfortable assembling your bike yourself, consider hiring a professional assembly service like National Assemblers. Their team of certified technicians can help ensure your Genesis bike is correctly and safely assembled, ensuring optimal performance and safety. There are, however, a number of points that make this a more versatile bike than the carbon alternative.

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The Genesis™ rack offers two contact points, at the front and rear, for stable locking. The unique design of the Genesis™ bike rack is both visually appealing and able to provide double the parking space of typical serpentine racks. Genesis bikes offer an array of unique features, some of which include advanced braking systems, easy gear shifting, and lightweight frames, which make these bikes a favorite among riders. Furthermore, the innovative design of these bikes allows for customization, giving riders the ability to tailor their bikes to their specific needs. As a hybrid bike, the Genesis Bella Vista is designed to provide the best of both worlds – the comfort of a road bike and the ruggedness of a mountain bike. Its ergonomic design and wide, comfortable saddle make it great for commuting or leisurely rides, while the robust frame and broad tires make it capable of taking on off-road trails.

Tyre clearance is increase to 38c, there are discrete mudguard and pannier mounts and an extra set of bottle bosses is present on the downtube. With a 2×9 Shimano Sora groupset and mechanical disc brakes, there are notable differences to the higher end Croix de Fer. But these won’t present an impediment to getting out and using the frame for the huge variety of applications it has the capability for. Gravel riding, endurance road riding, cycle-touring, commuting, these are all still possible on this bike – it’s just a more accessible platform to get started with. Other bikes might have the specificity to perform better in a single one of these uses, but very few bikes would be able to perform as well as the Croix de Fer in all of them. It is the combination of a vast array of mounts, a robust steel frame and wide tyre clearances that allow this bike to be such a jack of all trades.

Not too long and well balanced with none of the ‘too much weight on the wrists’ feeling that sometimes comes on trail hardtails. You’ll receive an email and/or text when your repairs have been completed, and we’ll be sure to give you a call if anything pops up along the way. Plus, if our turnaround time exceeds 24 hours, we’ll set you up with a complimentary demo bike. One of our service advisors will put your bike in the stand and run it through our professional inspection process. Check out our curated collection of the very best road, mountain, and family rides in the area, complete with digital route maps.

This is a NO DRAFTING event, and penalties for infractions include time increments and, in the case of centerline or cone crossing violations, automatic disqualification. For athlete support and safety, the 3 Disciplines bike course coordinator will patrol the course in the opposite lane with emergency flashers activated. Athletes experiencing mechanical difficulties can flag down the coordinator for assistance, including access to onboard air and transportation back to transition if necessary. Genesis supply the 27.2mm seat post, 75mm stem and 685mm medium rise bars, the Flux saddle is practical but may not suit everyone.

Singletrack uses affiliate services called Skimlinks and which means we may earn revenue if you buy a product after clicking a link to a retailer on our site. Packaging SystemWe created a packaging system that both stood out at retail and aided in finding the right product at a glance in a crowded retail environment. Product PresentationWe were honored to create the livery for the Rabobank/Giant teams.

Whether it’s a new set of tires or a replacement chain, investing in quality parts will pay off in the long run. Over ten years the range expanded beyond commuter bikes to include road, mountain, cyclo-cross, gravel, kids and fat bikes. As you embark on the bike leg of the Genesis Triathlon, embrace the challenge, soak in the scenery, and remember to ride with determination, discipline, and respect for the rules of the road. As athletes exit the transition area under the Bike Out inflatable, they will follow a designated lane marked by cones out of the parking lot, turning right to begin their journey around the lake. This dedicated athlete-only lane ensures a safe and focused riding environment, with vehicular traffic directed to use the opposite lane.

Whilst the 30 model gets a Shimano 105 2×11 drivetrain, along with the aluminium frame and carbon fork. Genesis bikes offer something for everyone, from off-road adventurers to city slickers. With the right maintenance and professional assembly from a company like National Assemblers, you can enjoy your Genesis bike for years to come. Here at National Assemblers, we understand that assembling a bike can be a daunting task.

The Venerable Croix de Fer frameset has been a mainstay of the Genesis range since 2009. The frameset is incredible versatile and lends itself to a multitude of different builds. You could put 38c tyres on it and go bike-packing on some gravel, or you could put front and rear pannier racks on, throw in some mudguards, and take it on an around the world tour. This comprehensive article dives deep into the fascinating world of genesis bikes, providing a detailed look at their standout features and how they set the standard in the biking industry.

Packaging SystemThe packaging system had to accommodate everything from small replacement parts to complete bikes. Product PresentationTrend setting and working with the factories to bring cutting-edge design concepts to a fast-paced market. Product PresentationWe developed the product graphic presentation for more than 200 unique models every year…while being on-trend, fresh and true to the brand. Product PresentationGenesis created the global product presentation for the world’s largest quality bicycle manufacturer. But more than that, there’s front and rear dynamo lights, so you never need worry about forgetting/neglecting to charge your lights. An internally geared hub goes a long way to weather proofing the drivetrain, as do the full housed gear cables that help stop dirt degrading your shifting performance.